Chicken Wing 2014

Booth Entry

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Application: Your application will not be considered until all of the forms in the booth entry package have been completed and received by us along with the appropriate fee(s).

Booth Space: Assignment of booth space during the course of the event will be at our discretion solely. All preparation, storage and sales must be made within the provided booth area. You are responsible for taking care of all of the equipment supplied by our equipment vendor/Silver Legacy. And agree to pay for any damage(s) to the equipment during the 3 day event. We encourage the cookers to use their own equipment including Deep Fat Fryers and Warmers

Taxes: It is each participant’s responsibility to comply with the applicable tax & Fee requirements of the State of Nevada and the City of Reno. Participants are also required to have on site, all licenses/permits.

Merchandise for Sale: No other items are to be sold. Silver Legacy will control the sale of all clothing items, including hats and t-shirts.

Liability Insurance: The undersigned participant agrees to save, protect and hold harmless Silver Legacy Casino, Eldorado Casino, Harrah’s Reno, Circus Circus, the City of Reno, State of Nevada, Washoe County and their officers, directors, trustees, agents, representatives, employees or volunteers, from and against any actions, claims, damages or liability of whatever kind or nature, arising from or connected with the loss, for any reason of any personal property held or used by the undersigned participant in connection with Silver Legacy, and for personal injury. The participant agrees to provide proof of insurance coverage in the amount of one million dollars naming Silver Legacy Resort Casino, Eldorado Casino, Harrah’s Reno, Circus Circus, and the City of Reno as “additional insured”.

Booth for 3-day event:
Extra Booth w/o tent:
Extra Booth with tent:
*after June 19th price is $300
as of July 2nd price is $375

This application is just a request, subject to review; as space is limited. There is a mandatory meeting scheduled for July 1 @ 6pm in order to participate in this festival. There is a maximum of 3 Spaces per chicken wing cooker. All chicken wing cookers must participate in supplying our Vip Hen House with chicken wings – Silver Legacy pays you 3 X what you pay for the chicken.

All chicken wing cookers must participate in sauce judging competition. You will be sent an informational packet after your application has been accepted.

Note: there is an additional cost for oil & other items supplied that needs to be paid daily & will be collected along with the cost of the chicken wings daily.

Chicken Wings (going rate per pound) Payment daily (5:00pm). All booths will sign out for wings upon delivery.

Total  $ 

Make all checks payable to: Silver Legacy Resort Casino. Mailing Address: PO Box 3920, Reno, NV 89505, ATTN: Staci Johnson

For more information:  Staci Johnson:  Direct Number 775.325.7159    Cell 775.742.4046   Email: