Deep Stack Texas Holdem Tournament
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Deep Stack Texas Holdem Tournament

The poker tables are on fire Fridays at Silver Legacy Resort Casino! We’re hosting Deep Stack No-Limit Texas Hold’em Tournaments each Friday at 7pm. We start you off with $10,000 in Tournament Chips for your $100 buy-in.

Come play in Northern Nevada’s first automated Poker Room with PokerPro! Registration for this fun, fast-paced tournament begins at Noon. Rounds will be timed with blinds raised every 20 minutes. After Round 3, $50 antes will be added to every round. A $20 entry fee is required, which is refunded with 1 hour of live play immediately following the tournament. 


Prize Payouts

  • 2-10 Players...2 Places Paid...65% - 35%
  • 11-20 Players...3 Places Paid...50% - 30% - 20%
  • 21-30+ Players...4 Places Paid...50% - 30% - 20%
  • 4th Place + Money Back

Try your hand at Deep Stack No-Limit Hold’em this and every Friday in the Poker Room at Silver Legacy!

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