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Andrew Kennedy

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July 22 - 27, 2014

Bilingual entertainer Andrew Kennedy is one of the most hysterical comedians out there today. Raised in South America, the Caribbean and Asia, this half Colombian half British entertainer, exemplifies everything the world has become -Universally relatable. He developed, produced and starred in his very own television pilot called Related by Marriage for the television network CBS, and was voted one of Comedy Central's "Top Twenty" funniest comedians in it's month-long competition Comedy Showdown (twice!) 

Most recently, the Fusion Network show Back Home centered an entire episode on Andrew. Back Home follows a different celebrity guest each week on an intimate and emotional voyage to their family's country of origin. Andrew's episode was filmed entirely in Colombia, where he was born. With a Colombian mother, and father who is English, Andrew bridges two very different cultures brilliantly and asks those who find it difficult to believe he is Hispanic simply to "Laugh beyond the obvious." And laugh you will as he discusses growing up in Colombia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Hong Kong before settling in the quiet town of New Canaan, CT (United States.) Think Beverly Hills without the "Hollywood" and much farther east. Andrew currently lives on the central coast of California with his wife and three kids.