• Green Initiatives at Silver Legacy

    Silver Legacy Resort Casino acknowledges the importance of minimizing our carbon footprint and proactively has introduced and incorporated conservation and sustainable practices into everyday operations. The responsibility to future generations is of utmost importance and Silver Legacy continues to investigate and incorporate green practices to all areas of energy consumption.


    • LED fixtures replaced incandescent fixtures in the Dome.
    • LED fixtures replaced traditional theatrical lights.


    • Utilize evaporative cooling.
    • Decreased chiller usage by increasing the amount of outside air brought into the building through evaporative cell decks for more efficient cooling.
    • Replaced HVAC motors and updated HVAC control system.
    • Replaced Tube and Shell heat exchangers with more efficient Plate and Frame heat exchange units that generates domestic hot water as well as the hot water used to heat the facility, allowing for a lowered operating steam pressure.
    • Operate approximately 6 months of the year without chillers by lowering cooling tower water temperature and utilizing Plate and Frame heat exchangers to cool the water needed for air conditioning along with evaporative cooling.
    • Installed O2 trim equipment on boilers.
    • Proactive Preventative Maintenance on all mechanical equipment for less down time and more efficient operation.
    • Motion detectors and timers in hallways, storage areas and closets.
    • Retrofitted garage lighting with energy saving T5 fluorescent lighting.
    • Installed LED lighting and compact fluorescent lighting throughout the building.
    • Installed Variable Frequency Drives on pumps and motors, where applicable.

    Food & Beverage

    • Cooking Oil recycling.
    • Recycle cardboard.
    • Monitors on dumpsters for pick-up.
    • Rescued Wine:  Rescued Wine, a retail candle company in Truckee, repurposes Champagne bottles for soybean candles. They also donate 2% of their sales to animal rescue groups. Silver Legacy recycles the Saturday and Sunday brunch bottles in support of their efforts. 


    • Green chemicals used by Public Area Housekeeping and the hotel.
    • Uniforms made from recycled bottles.
    • Replacing equipment with certified energy efficient equipment.
    • Manual timers for hotel room closets.
    • Implementation of Chargerback® retrieval system for guests’ lost or forgotten personal belongings that reduces the amount of unclaimed items going into the landfills and the unnecessary production, packaging and use of valuable resources used to produce new items to replace unreturned items is eliminated.
    • Utilization of Conserve/Preserve cards placed in guest rooms to save water and energy.
    • In an effort to continue a move towards being a green building, Silver Legacy Resort Casino installed a ChargePoint CT4000 Family Charging Station with two chargers for electric vehicles. The installation comes as a continuous effort to meet guests’ requests for additional environmentally conscious amenities. The charging station is located on the Mezzanine level on the northeast side of the Silver Legacy parking garage.