Service Awards, 2013

Wednesday January 30, 2013

 They say good help is hard to find but not at Silver Legacy! We thank and acknowledge our team members who have added to Silver Legacy’s success.  

Five Years of Service:


 Matthew Baker of  the Beverage Department 


 Jovita Batin of Wardrobe 


 Jose Becerra-Alcala of the Beverage Department 


 Fekade-Selassie Bemnet of  the Front Desk 


 John Brodhead of Entertainment 


 Nichole Clark of the Beverage Department 


 Juan Manuel Cortez Sanchez of Stewards 


 Jan Cristi Martin of Banquets 


 Melissa Cruz of Room Service 


 Kim Dertina of Games 


 Juan Manuel Flores-Torres of the Beverage Department 


 Alberto Garcia Ocegueda of Room Service 


 Eliazer Garcia Ruiz of Stewards 


 Susanna Grageda of Entertainment 


 Timothy Halecky of Sterling's Seafood Steakhouse 


 Dennis Haydocy of Games 


 Michael Henry of Transportation 


 Natalie Horlacher of the Beverage Department 


 Staci Johnson of Special Events 


 Melissa Kellogg of the Sales Department 


 Edward Labonte of Games 


 Thomas Lawrence of Games 


 Brad Mcguire of Banquets- Culinary 


 Manny Muyot of Slot Marketing 


 Paul Neault of Food & Beverage Administration 


 Michael Pucino of Games 


 Monica Ramirez Espinosa of Sips Coffee Shop 


 Dino Rivero of Valet 


 Krishna Shrestha of Café Sedona 


 Anh Tran of Games 


Luis Villanueva Mejia of Banquets


 Stephen Warner of  the Cage 


10 Years of Service:


 Miguel Ahumada of Games 


 Florinda Alas of Public Area Housekeeping 


 Jason Ardans of Entertainment 


 Antonio Arellano of the Pantry 


 Justin Branson of Games 


 Wendy Brewington of Games 


 Carlos Cano of Public Area Housekeeping 


 Lawrence Coesens of Sterling's Seafood Steakhouse 


 Ron Compton of Slots 


 Monty Finnell of Games 


 Glen Gillette of Slots 


 Veria Jackson of Slots 


 Chutamas Jantarungsee of Games 


 Berkti Kuflu of Flavors Buffett 


 Maw-Lin Lee of Slots 


 Manjula Patel of Housekeeping 


 Maria Pizana of Housekeeping 


 Rogelio Rodriguez-Martinez of Housekeeping 


 Maria Victoria Tazwell of the Beverage Department 


 Mary Lou Turlan of Games 


 Maria Villalpando of Housekeeping 


 Kent Woodcock of Sips Coffee Shop 


 Xiang Rui Zeng of Games 


15 Years of Service:


 Charles Adams of Games 


 Pedro Baltazar Castro of Banquets 


Salvador Castillo of Café Sedona- Culinary


 Chirawan Chettaraj of Wardrobe 


 Gary Demos of Beverage Department 


 Juan Dominguez of Warehouse 


 Candy English of the Sales Department 


 Barbara Gaydos of  the Health Spa 


 Martha Gonzalez Segoviano of Housekeeping 


 Alfonso Herrera of Fairchild's 


 Roseleen Ladore of the Cage 


 Maria Luna Garcia of Housekeeping 


 David Magana of Banquets 


 Marlene Manchester of Café Sedona 


 Cecilia Martinez of Banquets 


 Carlos Mendoza of Fairchild's Oyster Bar 


 Vitelio Menjivar of  the Pantry 


Barbara Rodriguez de Ramos of Housekeeping


 Christina Sowers of Sterling's 


 Monica Vasquez of Front Desk 


Olga Villasenor of Café Sedona


 Perlita Wagner of Flavors 


 Silver Legacy, the premier Resort Casino in Northern Nevada has been providing the very best to our guests since 1994, and it takes team members like these to create for our guests an outstanding experience, every time. For that, we thank and recognize you.  


 For more information visit our website at  or call 800-MUST-SEE (687-8733) or 775-325-7401. You can also get the latest updates on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the Silver Legacy iPhone, iPad and Android Apps. 


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