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    Experience The Renossance

    People often ask me, “Renossance Man, when is the best time of year to experience everything the Renossance has to offer?”

    That’s a tough question. Right up there with “What’s your favorite Margarita recipe?” (Answer: “all of them” and “Hot enough for ya?” (answer: No.)

    While there is no bad time to experience the Renossance, I’d say the best time to make your visit would be the month of September. While the kids are just breaking in their back-to-school sneakers and teachers are once again daydreaming of switching careers, Reno’s getting the party started with weekends chock full of huge events from the sure to be sizzling Labor Day weekend to the crisp fall days of early October.

    September is the perfect time to kick back and take in all the Biggest Little City has to offer under skies bluer than Frank Sinatra’s eyes. Lucky for me, my home – the Silver Legacy – is in the middle of all the action. Below are just a few of the great ways to watch time pass by this September in Reno. 

    1. Burning Man – I love this festival but I can never shake the playa clay off my shoes.  (August 25 – September 1,

    2. Labor Day – Put the bronzer away until December and join me in laying by the Silver Legacy pool and sipping on a frozen margarita on the last weekend of the summer. (August 30 – September 1, 

    3. Great Reno Balloon Race – The one time of the year when you’re expected to be full of hot air. (September 5 – September 7,

    4. Wolf Pack football – I’m excited for another season of Nevada football. I’ve been a huge supporter ever since I tried out for Place Kicker back in the days. (September 5,

    5. Reno Air Races – Slow things down and watch fast planes speed through the air.  (September 10 – September 14,

    6. Larry the Cable Guy – I don’t think any amount of Prilosec will fix the bellyache you’ll have after watching this show. (September 12,

    7. Reno Wine Walk – I can guarantee you I won’t be walking at the end. (September 20,

    8. Last Comic Standing – I laughed so hard watching the show this summer that I better take a seat when the live tour comes to the Silver Legacy. (September 20,

    9. Color Me Rad 5k – I’ve been training for this by placing a fan with colored powder next to the treadmill. (September 20,

    10. Street Vibrations Fall Rally 

    • Miss Street Vibrations – You can’t officially have Street Vibrations without an official beautiful woman. (September 25,
    • Street Vibrations – The power of a stroked and bored engine on two wheels meets the Power of Love. (September 24 – September 28,
    • Huey Lewis and the News - I can’t wait to get out on the floor and show everyone my dance moves while this high energy band rock’s my favorite dance hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s and today. (September 26,
    • Fireworks– Turn your head from the bright chrome and custom paint at Street Vibrations to take a look at the fireworks over downtown Reno. (September 27,

    As different as these events may be, there’s room for you to come and have fun at each one. It doesn’t matter is you’re a wine swirling, counter-culture hippie aviator or a sun loving, foodie, Hog riding grandma, there’s way for you to go big in the Biggest Little City. Click here to join me in the Renossance in September.