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Legacy Star Rewards is now offering even more, because of you the player. We have listened to your requests and made the Legacy Star Rewards program like no other. Now you can earn even More Comp Dollars and the choice is still yours as to when and how you use your comps. Plus you can convert your Slot Comp Dollars into FreePlay at any time! Comp Dollars earned on Table Games and Keno may not be converted to FreePlay.

Silver Legacy respects your privacy and will not share your personal information. Please read our privacy policy.

Just imagine, you can have tickets to concerts, invites to special events, room and food complimentaries, personalized service, VIP check-in, limousine service and more!

Our tier credit score system is quick and easy and there is no limit to what you can earn when you join our casino rewards club.

Star Rewards Tier PNG2 * All tier level benefits are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gaming Rewards Program in Reno

Q: What is Legacy Star Rewards?
A: Legacy Star Rewards is a Players Program at Silver Legacy Reno that offers you exciting gaming rewards and benefits when playing Slots, Table Games and Keno. “The Choice is Yours” offers you the unique ability to earn More Comps or earn More FreePlay. You may change your program choice at any time during your stay or change it on every visit. If you choose More Comps, you can receive valuable Comp Dollars that are available at any Silver Legacy Food & Beverage location, Silver Legacy retail outlets and fantastic Silver Legacy Star concerts. If you would like more FreePlay, simply change your option and enjoy 2x More FreePlay; The Choice is yours when you stay and play at the top Reno casino for gaming!

Q: What are Tier Levels?
A: Legacy Star Rewards offers five different Tier Levels with the Legacy Star Card. The entry level is the Star Card; once you achieve an average of 100-399 in Average Daily Points or 1,000 Annual Points on your Tier Score, your will achieve the Celebrity Level rating. When you hit 400 - 1,199 Average Daily Points or 6,000 Annual Points, you will reach the Premier Level. Achieve an average of 1,200 - 4,999 Average Daily Points or Annual Points of 20,000 and you are an Elite Cardholder. The exclusive top tier Five Star level is by invitation only.

Q: How do I use my Legacy Star Card?
A: Simply insert your Legacy Star Card into the card reader at any slot machine. Table Game players simply present your Legacy Star Card to the dealer before you begin

Q: How do I use my Slot FreePlay?
A: Insert your Legacy Star Card into machine; after the greeting, press #7; enter your PIN number; choose the number corresponding with the amount you wish to redeem. Good Luck and please remember to choose only the amount that you would like to redeem for the machine you are currently playing.

Q: How do I get a PIN or change my existing PIN?
A: To change your PIN please visit the Silver Legacy website, login and follow the appropriate instructions. To get a PIN please visit the Star Rewards Center on the casino floor and one of the representatives will be happy to help you.

Q: What can I use the Star Rewards Center Kiosk for?
A: Kiosks are available for you on the Casino Floor, Legacy Star Rewards Center and on the Mezzanine Level. The Kiosks offer you the ability to view your Comp Dollars & FreePlay points as well as view Today’s Promotions; Today’s FreePlay Offers as well as your Daily Tier Points and Yearly Tier Score, so you can see where your current card level is and how many points you need to reach the next Tier. The higher Tier you achieve, the more exciting rewards and benefits you receive.

Q: What is Comp Detail or Comps On Us?
A: Comp Detail/Comps On Us informs you of fantastic Comps that are issued from Silver Legacy Resort Casino that ARE NOT

Bring-A-Friend Offers

Rooms & Tickets for NEW Star Rewards Accounts


Bring your friends or family to the Star Rewards booth and have them sign up for a NEW Star Rewards account.  When your friend gets their new Star Rewards card and plays to the points level required to earn the offer, they simply return to the Star Rewards booth in order to get their tickets.  Offers are Based upon Availability. Limited to two tickets. No refunds. No cash value. New Star Rewards Accounts only.  One redemption per account. First trip only.  Consists of 72 hours from new enrollment.


October 23th – Carrot Top

Bring-A-Friend Offer!

Bring Family or Friends and get them a special room rate (Players prevailing rate for a 2nd room) and two additional tickets to the show when they get 150 points on their NEW Star Rewards players account.


October 24th – Gloria Trevi

Bring-A-Friend Offer!

Bring Family or Friends and get them a special room rate (Players prevailing rate for a 2nd room) and two additional tickets to the show when they get 150 points on their NEW Star Rewards players account.


Call the Legacy Star Rewards Center at 775-325-7193 or use the form below to submit an email about our casino rewards program.
*Please allow up to 2 business days for a response.

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