• Exciting Reno Keno

    Enjoy this Classic Casino Game

    Hour of Operation


    • Daily - 7am to Midnight


    Keno is an ancient Chinese lottery style game; and is also one of the oldest casino games offered and very simple to learn. Our Keno lounge is located on the mezzanine level with comfortable seating,  friendly Keno runners in Café Central and knowledgeable writers to answer your Reno gambling questions. Silver Legacy offers two exciting games; Gold, a traditional ball game and Green, a computer generated game. You can watch the results in the lounge or check your numbers from the comfort of your hotel room or online.

    Silver Legacy is also pleased to offer MegaKeno a statewide Keno progressive for 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 spot tickets and Mega10Keno, a progressive you could have over a million reasons to play!

    Our Reno Casino Keno games offer something for everyone

    • Multi Game Rates 10 cents and up Bets
    • Multi Game Keno – 20 Games or Less - You Have 3 Days to Collect
    • Keno 2 Go – Play 21 Games or More - You have 365 Days to Collect, Play up to 1000 Games
    • Single Game Tickets from $1 and Up
    • Quick Picks, Way Tickets and more!

    Upcoming Tournaments

    Save the date for our next Keno tournament on March 19, 2016! 

    Online Results

    Click here to monitor Reno Keno games and results online for the Silver Legacy Gold & Green games. You can check the results online for any game you play. For example, you can play a MultiGame ticket for 250 games for as little as 10 cents per game, then check the results online.

    Mega Keno Mega 10 Keno