• Sterling Club 

    Silver Legacy’s Sterling Club is a quarterly recognition program that honors Team Members who have exhibited outstanding guest service, team work and productivity. These Team Members comply with all policies and procedures and maintain professionalism at all times. They have excellent attendance and exhibit Sterling Service not only with our Guests but also with fellow Team Members. Recipients are invited to attend a special luncheon where they are honored by their Management, Directors and General Manager, Gary Carano. 


    First Quarter 2013 Sterling Club Recipients

    Amante Puyaoan of Slots

    Troy Lyda of Games

    Huu Ngo of Games

    Duke Nguyen of Games

    Ray Seifert of Games

    Derek Teglia of Beverage

    Amaya Zaga of Beverage

    Lizbeth Valenzuela Alvarado of Sterling's

    Arnulfo Juarez-Nava of Stewards

    Ramiro Magdaleno Cortes of Café Central Culinary

    Arellis Diaz of  Sterling's Culinary

    Neil Campbell of Sterling's Culinary

    Maria Carmen Jara Garcia of PAH

    Desmond Romans of Transportation

    Cindy Chau of Front Desk

    Paz Saldana of Housekeeping

    Mercedes Aguirre-Lemus of Housekeeping

    Evangeline Paquette of Hotel Administration

    Elizabeth Ruth of Reservations

    John Blackford of Engineering

    Robin Pagni of Security


    Second Quarter 2013 Sterling Club Recipients

    Cynthia Truong of Games

    Rolf Gartman of Games

    Yvonne Baker of Games

    Brian Demuth of Star Rewards

    Cora Gavino of Casino Marketing

    Manuel Martinez of Banquet Set Up

    Raquel Najera of Banquet Set Up

    Jairo Recinos of Sterling's

    Maria Gonzalez of Sips

    Steven Vong of Café Central

    Shawn Casey of Beverage

    Steve Heisler of Beverage

    Angelina Ramos of Housekeeping

    Maria Villalpando of Housekeeping

    Martha Reyes of Housekeeping

    Sergio Nieto of PAH

    Frank Sprankle of PAH

    Sandy Gaines of Front Desk

    Erica Gutierrez Rodriguez of Human Resources

    Kristine Brown of Payroll

    Nick Flanders of Security

    Elliot Aparicio of MIS


    Third Quarter 2013 Sterling Club Recipients

    Karina Moran of Keno

    Tony Tan of Games

    Hoa Tang of Games

    Peck Lee of Games

    Tonyloc Pham of Games

    Sujata Thagunna of Café Central

    Jahahi Mazariego of Flavors

    Kathleen Shepherd of Beverage

    Jianxun "Kevin" Huang of Pearl

    David Magana of Banquets

    Baltazar Zavala Cuevos of Stewards

    David Moreno of Café Central-Culinary

    Maria Avelar of Housekeeping

    Daniel Marquez of Housekeeping

    Joel Hurtado of PAH

    Jovita Batin of Wardrobe

    Brittany Wilson of VIP

    Maria Trini Gonzalez of Housekeeping

    Jaime Maiss of Entertainment

    Melissa Kellogg of Sales

    Leonal Chourappa of Security 

    Cody Murray of Engineering