Eddie Clark

Catch A Rising Star
June 2 - 7, 2015
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Old enough to remember the sixties yet young enough to enjoy the new millennium, Eddie Clark is still one of the hardest working comics on the circuit today. His quick wit and funny stories, combined with his masterful characters, are a hit with audiences all over. This former Carson Long Military Institute graduate, U.S. Marine, Mount Vernon N.Y. police officer and Security officer for the U.S. State Dept. was born in Jamaica… QUEENS, NY and raised in the city of Mount Vernon, NY, where he developed his ability to induce laughter from total strangers. Eddie's humor is a blend of personal experiences and everyday life. Whether talking about N.A.S.C.A.R.'s first "BLACK" superstar, moving from the projects to a middle class neighborhood, setting up a speed trap, acid reflux or why you can't win a argument with a woman. Eddie brings his vast experiences to all his performances.

Eddie celebrated his first 23 years as a Stand-up comedian with the release of his 1st comedy cd, One Take , which was released on May 1, 2002. Eddie has since followed up with his first DVD, "There's Mustard On This Hotdog! which was released in "2005? Eddie's stand up has made him a favorite on morning radio shows around the country and has opened opportunities in the film industry as well. A member of the Screen Actors Guild, Eddie appeared in the films "Camp" ( I.F.C.), "Salted Nuts" ( shown at the 2006 "Sundance Film Festival" ) and the Law & Order made for TV movie "Exiled" as well as several commercials & Promo's including OPTIMUM ONLINE, Major League Baseball, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Comcast Cable and Monster.Com . Also, Nick jr. , National Geographic Channel, care one credit, Quicken Loans, A&E "Cold Case Files," Gothic Cabinet Craft, Red Lobster, Cablevision, Fox Sports and WCBS (New York channel 2).

Eddie has also been seen nationally on C.M.T. (Country Music Television) where "Eddie" did two more specials for the network in 2005. Also, ESPN 2's "Cold Pizza" and hosting an online show at the U.S. Tennis Open for the U.S.T.A. and America Online. When describing Eddie's style of entertainment one can only come to this conclusion…. It’s just Eddie being… Eddie!