• The National Automobile Museum

    Located just south of the Truckee River in Reno, Nevada, the National Automobile Museum displays historic automobiles from the late 19th century and from throughout the 20th. Most of the vehicles displayed are from the collection of the late casino owner William F. Harrah, and so the museum is sometimes referred to as The Harrah Collection.

    The museum's holdings of over 200 cars are spread over four galleries. Gallery 1 showcases cars built during the 1890s & 1900s, Gallery 2 features cars from the 1910s to 1930s, Gallery 3 the '30s to the '50s and Gallery 4 displays cars from 1950 onward. Gallery 4 also includes race cars and the Off-road Motorsports Hall of Fame. Each gallery is linked by a themed "street," featuring vehicles as well as faux shop fronts.