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Biggest Little City Wing Fest Cookers

Mark your calendar for Reno's 2019 7th Annual Biggest Little City Wing Fest

THE ROW and Downtown Reno are gearing up for its 7th ANNUAL BIGGEST LITTLE CITY WING-FEST, scheduled for July 5 & 6, 2019. This all-American event held in the heart of Reno, from 2nd to 6th Street, continues to be a huge success, growing every year in attendance with chicken wing cookers from coast to coast, and a multitude of street vendors, and of course, the chicken wing-loving population. In 2018, the chicken cookers served up close to 30,000 pounds of their unique, tantalizing and cluck-a-licious wings.

You are invited to participate in this year’s event APPLY HERE NOW to sign up. If you have any questions please contact the Wing-Fest Hot Line at 775-348-3360 or email Mary Lee at

Looking forward to seeing old and new friends for this year’s event. And remember,


Fill out my online form.

If you require a hotel room during the event, special cooker rates have been established at the Circus property. Please call 1-800-648-5010 and refer to offer code WINGC19. The following dates do not include taxes and other fees

Tuesday 7/2 $45

Wednesday 7/3 $45

Thursday 7/4 $70

Friday 7/5 $125

Saturday 7/6 $125




2019 Application Fee with the following inclusions -                          $900

One 10x10 space, fire extinguisher, electric power,

Four folding chairs and four folding school house tables

With canopy for 2-day period, July 5 & 6                                               $1,080


10x20 space with the above inclusions                                                  $1,500

With canopy                                                                                                $1,700


Additional 10x10 space                                                                              $195

With Canopy                                                                                                $375


Additional 10x20 space                                                                              $395

With Canopy                                                                                                $595


Propane-24 gallon canister                                                                        $125


40# bagged ice                                                                                             $15


40# case chicken wings                                                                              $130


The application fee is due at the time of booking in order to reserve your space. 

Friday’s orders will be texted the morning of and no sooner.  First come, first served.  The same process for Saturday morning as well.  This ensures that cookers will be at their booths for product delivery.  Orders will be placed by texting to our Fulfillment Center at 775-303-4534.  All items purchased throughout the festival days will be charged at the time of distribution.  This will eliminate late night reconciliations along with disputed purchases.  Please fill out order form and provide credit card information. CLICK HERE FOR CREDIT CARD FORM This will confirm above purchases.    






*Chicken Wing Public Pricing  


3-piece sampler plate                                                                                       $5

6-piece                                                                                                                 $10

8-piece                                                                                                                 $13

12-piece                                                                                                               $17

18-piece                                                                                                               $23

24-piece                                                                                                               $29



*Wing pricing cannot be lower than above-listed prices, except at the end of the night after 9:15 pm. 

Chicken Cookers may sell only non-alcoholic beverages, wing sauces, and merchandise such as t-shirts.  

All Other food items are not permitted to be sold. 






Event Street Information ~

Festival Event Dates:  July 5 & 6

Festival Hours:  11 am – 10 pm (alcohol sales end at 9 pm per City of Reno)

VIP Hen House Hours:  11 am – 9 pm, July 5 & 6.

Street Closure:  July 4th at 8 am, and will reopen July 7 at 11 am.

Set-up Day and time:  July 4.  A specific time slot will be assigned at a later date.

When setting up and tearing down your booths, a 20-ft. fire lane must be maintained AT ALL TIMES.

Cookers must provide a copy of their liability insurance coverage with the application.


Government Requirements ~

Washoe County

Cookers are required to have a Washoe County temporary food permit.  You may obtain the permit and additional information at the link listed.  Per the Washoe County Health Department, all cooker booths must have a hand sink, hand soap and paper towels.

City of Reno

Eldorado Resorts, Inc. must submit to the City of Reno all chicken cookers who have a City of Reno business license as “vendors”.

For those cookers who do not have a City of Reno business license, Eldorado Resorts, Inc. is required to submit their names as vendors to the City of Reno with a $20 vendor fee.  This fee will be collected with the application.  For your review, a link to the City of Reno is listed.

Nevada Department of Taxation

The Nevada Department of Taxation requires a “One Time Sales Tax Return” based on your gross sales collected during the festival.  This form will be provided to each cooker during the festival.  It must be completed and submitted to Eldorado Resorts, Inc., at the conclusion of the festival.  All payments must be by check.  The gross taxable sales rate is 8.265% of total sales.  Eldorado Resorts, Inc. is required by the Nevada Department of Taxation to submit all chicken cookers “One Time Sales Tax Return”.  For those cookers who pay their taxes monthly, quarterly, etc., are responsible for sending in their payment.  However, Eldorado Resorts, Inc. and the Nevada Department of Taxation still require the “One Time Sales Tax Return” form.    


Chicken Cooker Booth Requirements

Cookers may only purchase wings from Eldorado Resorts, Inc. Cookers may sell chicken wings, non-alcoholic beverages, wing-sauces and merchandise only.

Cooker booths are to remain open for the entire duration of the festival hours.

Cookers are required to provide their own equipment and any other supplies and products needed to conduct business. 

Cookers are to directly make arrangements with any rental company they may use regarding payment, delivery and pickup. 

Cookers must have protective floor matting.  Cardboard will be provided daily to the chicken booths for placement under fryers as booth floors must be kept grease-free.

Cookers are to clean their own utensils.  Arrangements have been made with the Reno Ballroom to use their dishwasher and detergent at the end of each night.  A steward will be at the Reno Ballroom kitchen for assistance.  This will eliminate lost utensils.

Cookers are required to drain their oil at the end of each night (if needed).  The Stewarding Team will dispose of the fryer oil.  If the oil is not drained, the cooker will be responsible for draining and disposal.  There will be oil drums on 4th Street.  The cooker will also be responsible for cleaning and filling their fryers.

Grey water is also to be dumped at the Dumping Station located on 4th Street.

Hoses will be providing fresh water for your use at various locations on Virginia Street. 

Cookers are required to use K-class fire extinguishers.  Eldorado Resorts, Inc. will provide a K-class fire extinguisher at each cooker booth.  Please leave at curb for collection at the end of the festival.  Otherwise, a $25 fee will be charged.


Judging Competitions

PEOPLE’S CHOICE             Poll Everywhere / First Place $1,000 / Second Place $500 / Third Place $250           

CELEBRITY                           2 PM / First Place $750 / Second Place $250 / Third Place $100

BEST BBQ                             3 PM/ First Place $750 / Second Place $250 / Third Place $100

BEST SPICEY                        4 PM/ First Place $750 / Second Place $250 / Third Place $100

BEST DRY RUB                    5 PM/ First Place $750 / Second Place $250 / Third Place $100

All wing competitions, other than People’s Choice, will occur Friday, July 5 at the Wing Ring Stadium.  All winners will be announced Saturday, July 6, at 5 pm at the main entertainment stage.  Cookers are required to participate in at least one contest excluding the People’s Choice.  Wings must be delivered 15 minutes before each judging time to the Wing Ring Judging tent. 


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